How to prevent summer hair fall

How to prevent summer hair fall

MAKECRUNCH STAFF — Summer is among the most anticipated seasons. During this time, families flock to beaches to beat the scorching heat.
But while summer is a time for enjoyment, this season is also the time when people are most prone to hair loss.

In an interview on CNN Philippines' MedTalk, aesthetics and rejuvenation expert Dr. Risa Caldoza said temperature and daylight affect one's vulnerability to hair fall.

Citing the results of a study published by the British Association of Dermatologists, Caldoza explained that exposure to sunlight may lead to less production of melatonin, which affects the hormone levels in the scalp. This effectively signals hair follicles to carry out their natural shedding phase for longer periods of time than usual, she added.
Caldoza said early warning signs of hair loss include excessive hair fall, hair thinning, receding hairline, and bald patches. These, according to her, are commonly caused by several factors like genes, stress, autoimmune disease like Alopecia areata, poor nutrition, hormonal change, extreme weight loss, and excessive use of chemical-based hair products.
The most effective way to address — or better yet prevent — hair loss is by using natural hair care products.
"As soon as they start noticing hair fall they shift their haircare products to something natural," she said.
"It has no chemicals and is very safe. It is very important nowadays because we don't want anything on our hair that will make our hair fall," she added.
The product should be approved by the Food and Drug Administration and an ASEAN Cosmetic Directive compliant, which means it is paraben-free. Paraben, a chemical commonly used as a preservative in cosmetic and personal care products, prevents the growth of microbes.
Caldoza cited three natural ingredients that are important in addressing hair loss, such as ginger that helps stimulate blood circulation and nutrient distribution to the hair and scalp, shikakai that helps reduce hair fall, promotes hair growth and helps prevents dandruff, as well as safflower that makes hair softer and healthier.
These qualifications and natural ingredients are all found in Novuhair, Nature’s Answer to Hair loss.
"I've been recommending Novuhair to my patients and I've been using it also myself," she said.
Novuhair is made of 19 natural ingredients that work synergistically to help promote new hair growth and prevent hair loss. Based on the clinical trial, it is also proven to be safe and effective, and is recommended by experts and celebrities like fanny Serrano, Cory Quirino, and Gary Valenciano.
Novuhair, Caldoza added, is suitable for early hair loss prevention and hair care maintenance.
"So even if you're not at the drastic stage of hair loss or total baldness, you can still use Novuhair. Just use it religiously, ideally twice daily, morning and night for at least six months. And be patient with it because it is a process and it takes time for you to grow your hair," she said.
"Let's protect our hair especially when we are at the beach or when we're swimming this summer. Use natural products for your hair, hair loss prevention is always better than cure," she added.

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