Chicken Biryani Recipe

Chicken biryani is one of the most popular desi food  among indians.We indians love the various taste of it from various types of it.basically we eat chicken biryani from outside,but have you ever try it at home?if your answer is no, then try it NOW.I will assure you,  you will love it to cook. this and share it with your can also share it with your make it today for your tonight is the full recipee follow it to make a good chicken biryani.

Required elements of Chicken Biryani

1.700 gm bubbled basmati rice

2.5 tablespoon minced mint leaves

3.salt as required or as per your health

4.3 teaspoon coriander powder

5.2 tablespoon garlic glue

6.4 tablespoon tomato puree
7.500 gm meagerly cut white onion

8.10 green cardamom

9.3 tablespoon milk

10.1 kilograms chicken thighs(you may increase the quantity as per demand)

11.2 teaspoon garam masala powder

12.3 squeezes saffron

13.1 tablespoon ginger glue

14.5 cut and cut green bean stew

15.400 gm slashed tomato

16.3 teaspoon cumin seeds

17.8 tablespoon refined oil

For Marination you may used(That is one of the most improtant part of that)

A.1 teaspoon bean stew powder

B.8 tablespoon plain yogurt

C.3 teaspoon powdered turmeric

Step by step instructions to make Chicken Biryani

Stage 1

At the begining of that you need to marinate the chicken, so as to marinate the chicken, take a vast bowl, put yogurt, turmeric, bean stew powder alongside salt according to your preference for a little bowl. Blend it well utilizing a spoon and after that, include the chicken thighs in the blend and rub with this blend. Keep aside for around 20-30 minutes, with the goal that the yogurt is appropriately consumed by the chicken. Additionally, absorb saffron the milk to make saffron milk and keep aside.

Stage 2

In the in the interim, pour refined oil in a profound bottomed dish, keeping it on medium fire. Include cumin seeds and green cardamom in it and saute for around 2 minutes. When done, promptly include the cut onion and broil for 2-3 minutes in a row. Ensure you don't consume it, so when the onion begins to get darker in shading, include tomatoes and tomato puree and broil for an additional 5 minutes.

Stage 3

Next, add the cut green chilies to the blend alongside ginger-garlic glue, searing the blend once more for a moment. At that point, include coriander powder and turn the fire to medium-low while mixing and cooking the masala. Rapidly, include the marinated chicken and blend for some time with the goal that the fixings assimilate the juices legitimately.

Stage 4

Turn the fire to medium again and heat-through for around 5-6 minutes just to turn it over to low warmth. Spread with a top and let stew for 5 minutes. Make a point to continue mixing amid the whole procedure, else the chicken may adhere to the base, in the long run winding up consumed. You can include little water, in the event that you discover the consistency excessively thick.

Stage 5

When done, turn off the fire and include half of the bubbled rice in the container and keep the rest aside until required. Sprinkle milk doused saffron alongside garam masala, mint and coriander leaves. Put the rest of the rice over this layer and enhancement with the equivalent referenced four fixings.

Stage 6

Ultimately, spread the top, turn the fire to low medium and let the rice cook for around 5 minutes. When done, put it off and let the biryani remain secured for about an additional 10 minutes. Serve hot, alongside raita or any chutney of your decision.


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