Top 5 Tips To Prevent Hair Fall

 Top 5 Tips To Prevent Hair Fall

Here we are going to give you few tips and tricks to prevent hair fall.As we know hair fall is the most discuss topics among all age category as well as one of the most search topic internet .People become bore to get the correct method to prevent hair fall but now you dont need to worry because you are in the right place. Here we will discuss the correct and top 5 tips to prevent hair fall and the top 5tips are below.
 Top 5 Tips To Prevent Hair Fall
Top 5 Tips To Prevent Hair Fall  in 2019

1.Change the way you wash your hair

You may notice when we wash our hair we not only wash our scalp but also our hair end without knowing the correct method of washing .Remember when you wash your hair you should only wash you scalp not the hair end .When we rinsing the shampoo the out the hair end will automatically get clean.I will suggest this is the way you are preventing your hair from getting tangled so you dont need to brush it so much.

2.Eat High Protein Food

We all know the great quote from bhudda "what we think that we become" but today i will say "what we eat that we become also". Our eating habit has a great impact on our health .And when talk about Hair fall, Protein diet has a great impact on it .So i will suggest you to take essential protein diet daily such as lean meat,fish,soy,etc.Remember also that many food rich in protein also contain vitamin B-12 which is also great for hair.

3.Stop Colouring Your Hair

You should also remember that colouring your hair, particularly bleaching, makes it harder to stop hair falling out. Dying expels the common color in light of its synthetic concoctions. By doing this, you are changing the structure of your hair and making it increasingly powerless against harm

4.Do Oil Treatment Regularly

Nature oils, for example, argan, coconut, macadamia and almond are wealthy in acids and nutrients that can help make dry, bunched up, uncontrollable hair gentler, shinier and progressively reasonable. It additionally diminishes breakage and accelerates hair development. Warmth up any regular oil so it is warm, however not very hot. Give it a chance to chill for sometime, then massage it gently into your scalp. Put on a shower cap and leave it on for an hour, then shampoo

5.Drink Lot Of Water

We all Know that that our body contain more than 70% of water out of its total composition.From that data it is pretty clear that how important water is for us.So i will suggest you to drink at least 2-3 litre of water .And always take 1 or 2 glass of water at empty stomach in dawn.


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