Top 5 tips to stay healthy in this summer

Today in our article we are going to discuss about one of the most search topic in internet specially in summer .Yeah you guess it right we are going to talk about top tips to stay healthy in this summer.
In this summer the warmth in the weather can affect our body heavily and cause different type of disease in our healthy body with out give you a single hint of that.
Top 5 tips to stay healthy in this summer
Top 5 tips to stay healthy in this summer

1.Eat little but healthy

we all know that when it is summer our affection towards junk food increase a little bit.According a scientific research we need only 30-40% of the total food we eat in a single we should more focus on little but healthy food and frequent meals.we eat junk food more in a summer but our main eating plate should contain a lot of fresh food and vegetable that have more water contain such as oranges.watermelon,tomatoes,coconut, etc.

2.Avoid Alcohol and tea

We all have a bad habit to drink tea and caffeine to frequent in our daily routine .But in hot summer drinking to much of tea and caffeine had a very bad impact on our healthy body so you should avoid to taking this all.We all know that alcohol has a very bad impact in our body but with out care of that people drink it too much .So it is advisable to avoid taking alcohol in any season specially in this summer.You can also take plain water as a substitute.

3.Avoid roadside food

Roadside food can be very bad for our health and contain very bad microbes in it . And roadside food not only contain microbes but also contain a huge amount of dust in it because it is open to air.For this reason the street food can lead to food born should also remember in this summer heat if the food is not properly stored it get spoiled with in an hour and my lead to summer infection.

4.Drink huge amount of water

In this summer month the degree of heat will increase day by day.So with managing the heat of outside world your body will sweat heavily for maintaining your body temperature as low as possible.We know that our body contain more than 70% of water and if we sweat heavily so there is a very high probability that our body will get dehydrated and it will also improve the risk of several body disease so to keep yourself hydrated it is advisable to drink at least 2.5-3 litres of water daily.

5.Clothing properly and use skin guards

In this summer colours matter the most because of its heat absorption power so you should wear light colours that absorbs heat very little bit and common textures like cotton.When you are in outside enjoying with your friends or familly carefully cover your face,nose,ears with mask or something this type of clothes.Excessive heat in summer can effect heavily on your skin if proper care is not taken.Unnecessary oil and sweat can cause inconvenient aggravation, rashes, thorny warmth, and intensification of skin inflammation. Wash your face regularly or use tissues to wipe a sweat-soaked face to dodge skin inflammation. Utilize regular face packs with aloe vera gel or sandalwood powder to alleviate the skin


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