What is cartilage?it structure and function and a details overview

Today we are going talk about cartilage.So let us go into the details of cartilage .
Cartilage:Cartilage is a soft skeletal tissue.It is not rigid like bone.It is found more abundantly in vertebrate embryoes because most of the bone forming skeleton of the adults are cartilaginous in the early stage.However it is commonly found in the body of adult vertebrates.
Structure of Cartilage.A typical cartilage consists of the following parts
1.Catilage cells.A cartilage cells present in a fluid filled space,the cartilage lacuna which affects the space of a cell .Young cartilage cells are relatively small,often flattend with many small surface projection and are called chondroblast.Mature cells are larger in size ,more rounded,but still have a few surface projection and are known as chondrodytes.The chrondroblast are metabolically more active cells than chondrodytes.
2.Ground substance.It consists essentially of water,proteoglycans.some lipids,collagen,non collagenous protein,and collagen fibre.The core protein is called aggrecan.The carbohydrate are chemically glycosaminoglycans.They include chondroitin sulphate,keratin sulphate and hyaluronic acid.Keratin sulphate increases with maturity.These molecules form a firm gel that gives firm consistency to the ground substance to the cartilage.
What is cartilage?its function and structure with overview
Various cartilage under microscope
Types of Cartilage.The cartilage are of there type and all of the three type are discuss below
1.Hyaline cartilage.It contains clear,large amount of translucent ,slightly elastic matrix with less fibres.The matrix often has very fine white fibres which are difficult to observe.It is most prevalent cartilage.It forms articular surfaces at the joints of long bones which is called articular cartilage.It forms ring of trachea and bronchi,sternal parts of ribs,hyoid apparatus,nasal septum and also part of larynx.Most of the embryonic skeleton consists of hyaline cartilage
2.Calcified Cartilage.Sometimes matrix contains granules of calcium carbonate then the cartilage is called calcified cartilage.Calcium carbonate makes the cartilage hard and inelastic.This cartilage is found in suprascapula of pectoral girdle of frog and vertebrae of shark.
3.Fibrous Cartilage.It has well developed fibres in the matrix.It is also two types:white fibrous cartilage and yellow elastic fibro cartilage.Yellow elastic fibrocartilage contains yellow fibres which form a network by uniting with one another.Due to the presence of yellow fibres the cartilage becomes more flexible.This type of cartilage is found in the pinna and external auditory canel of the ear.It just make this organ more flexible.White fibrous cartilage is firm and has abundant white fibres.It occurs in the intervertbral discs where it acts as cushion and in the pubic symphysis where it helps in the parturition.White fibrous cartilage is the strongest cartilage.

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